About Us

Tour Guide: Fox Jr

I’m Mr. Fox. Fox Junior! I’ll be your fluffy companion for today. My job is to make your journey fun and enjoyable with jokes and charisma! If you are interested in the locations, names, years or any actual facts, we have something here to help you! Ai No2!

CEO: Heini

I am Heini, a travel enthusiast, so excited to design new routes and look for new locations and to add value to fellow travelers.

CTO: Tatu

I am Tatu, I will make sure you will have great experience using our product while enjoying new cities with ease.

Tour Guide: Ai No2

Hi, I am the Artificial Intelligence number 2, or just call me Ai No 2. I will tell you the facts about the sights and local habits, more so than Mr. Fox Jr.

'Fox Fires'

Why our tour guide is a fox? Our company is originally from Finland, famous of Northern Lights. In our legend the fox throws the northern lights up in the sky by sweeping snow upwards by its tail. So follow my tail for a magical journey!


 Partners and Certificates

We are an official partner company of Visit Finland, Helsinki Marketing and Visit Tampere. Our Company is AAA-rated and has the Quality 1000 -certificate. Our service won in 2018 the Business Finland’s competition for Digital travel innovations.

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