Helsinki Free Walking Tour

We know that many travellers are interested in free walking tours in Helsinki. We’ve recently launched a Free Helsinki Walking Tour to complement our other more comprehensive tours. It’s a “taster” tour of Helsinki that takes you to a selection of the main sights like the Helsinki Cathedral and the Market Square. Keep reading to find out more!

Helsinki Free Walking Tour - The tour begins at the Helsinki Cathedral and Senate Square

Are you coming to Helsinki and looking for a way to get as much as possible out of your visit – but for free? Walking around Helsinki is a great way to see all the main sights, as the city is quite compact. However, having a guide to tell you more about the attractions and the local way of life is an even better way to explore the city!

Why Tour Guide Fox?

The problem with traditional walking tours, in our experience, is that the free options only run a few times a week, with no flexibility in terms of schedules. With Tour Guide Fox you don’t have to worry about missing the only tour of the day and you’re completely free to roam the city at your own pace. And if you didn’t quite catch what the tour guide said about “the Cathedral to your left” or whatever else it may have been? No worries, with Tour Guide Fox you can replay the audio as many times as you want! 

Our Helsinki Free Walking Tour is a great option for those travelling on a budget. It’s also a no-risk way to try our app before buying a more comprehensive tour of the city. 

Now you might wonder: what’s the catch? Why are we giving out our product for free? No catch whatsoever, but we would appreciate any feedback you might have. Reviews on our website and Facebook page are always very welcome, too! 

So go ahead and get your free tour here!

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