A Self-Guided Tour of Helsinki with Lunch Included – How Convenient!

Spending the summer in Helsinki, I’m on a mission to find out everything the city has to offer and write about my experiences in a series of blog posts. I’ve already walked around some of the top sights and spent a day learning about Finnish design. Now I’m heading on my third self-guided tour of Helsinki  this time I will see it all on a MEGA tour of the city!


Self-guided tour of Helsinki - The City Museum

Top Sights and So Much More

I’ve lived in Helsinki for a couple of weeks now and bit-by-bit I’m getting to know the city more. I’ve loved my previous tours with Tour Guide Fox, so now I’ve grabbed a friend to keep me company. This time we have even more reason to be excited than usual because our tour includes lunch at a local restaurant called Wild. Wild is an amazing-sounding eatery in the city centre of Helsinki, serving “top-quality food with a modern and wild twist”.

As we start our tour, we decide to skip a couple of sights I’ve already visited during my first tour. It can be easily done in the app, which is great because it enables you to customise your tour by skipping places you have visited before or aren’t interested in. If you decide not to visit a place because you’re running out of time or are getting too tired, you can still access and listen to all the information about it in the app. 

The Mega Tour includes a more varied selection of attractions of Helsinki than the smaller top sights tour. It also has fun tasks related to Finnish lifestyle – think of tree hugging – and more detailed stories about life in Finland. Fox Jr. keeps us entertained throughout the day, as usual!

Self-Guided Tour of Helsinki - Lunch Included at Restaurant Wild

A Wild Way to Experience Finnish Cuisine 

The Mega Top Sights Tour includes 32 sights, so you could definitely split it up into two days of exploring. However, it was totally doable in a day – especially because the weather was amazing and just called for us to spend the day outdoors! We thoroughly enjoyed the lunch at Wild, where we could choose our meals from a selection of lunch salads. We could have also picked something else with the same price from the menu. This means that if you stop at Wild after lunchtime, you can, for example, opt for coffees and pastries instead.

Does seeing the attractions of Helsinki, learning about Finnish way of life, and having great food sound good to you? Book your Mega Top Sights Tour here

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